Las Vegas, Nevada

Shortly after my graduation, I spent one ridiculously fun (but exhausting) week in Las Vegas (yes, I said week- as in seven whole days). Staying true to the notion that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, today we are only going to talk about one topic; replicas. This was my first trip to Las Vegas since my return from Italy. I knew I had to visit the Venetian to compare it to the actual city of Venice, and to find amusement in any other European themed venues.

Going to the Venetian was one of my first stops in Vegas and holy moly- why do you have to practically walk through an entire mall before getting to the good stuff? When you’re on a mission to find some awesome odes to Italy, the last thing you want is to get lost in a maze of shops while people are trying to hand you perfume samples against your will. I was filled with a really ironic feeling of déjà vu because I actually got lost in Venice.


Finally once I was back on track there it was- a replica of St. Mark’s Clock. If anyone remembers from my “Venezia Part 1” blog post, I gushed about a glorious 24-hour clock that was adorned with golden zodiac signs. I was utterly obsessed, and I still am actually, with how beautiful it is, and now I feel like such a dumb tourist because it took seeing a replica in Las Vegas for me to realize how famous that clock is!


So I stood there in the middle of this pretend Piazza San Marco and completely fangirl-ed over a clock. For the record, and this should not come as a surprise, the original is way better.


Then there was the chaos that is walking through Caesar’s Palace. Honestly, what is the hype about Caesar’s Palace? It’s so tacky- yeah that’s right, I said it’s tacky. Anyways, the only reason I spent an ungodly amount of time there is because I heard there was a “Trevi Fountain” inside. In my “Roma 3” blog post, I shared my experience at the real Trevi Fountain in Rome, and if you recall, you’ll remember the entire thing was under construction- as in- there was no water in it. So of course I wanted to see this so-called replica because really, think of all the blogging potential it would have had. But to my chagrin, I found no such thing! Can someone please tell me if there is a Trevi Fountain replica inside Caesar’s Palace- because to this day I still have no idea.

What I found instead was pretty darn cool though. After a relentless amount of walking, I needed a break. And what did I find when I stopped to regroup with my family? A very unexpected replica. I’m standing there, looking at a statue with another feeling of déjà vu, like I’ve seen this before but obviously in Italy instead. I was racking my brain trying to remember in which city and in which museum I saw the original. Until it dawned on me- the original is missing some limbs. Then it hits me that the original is in the Vatican Museum and I totally posted a photo of it in my “Vatican City” blog post. *Tries to maintain inner fangirl and fails.* Obviously I had to take a photo with it, looking like an adult Dora the Explorer in my orange dress and purple purse.

Aside from providing me with some pretend Italian memories, Las Vegas had so much more to offer than I could ever attempt to write about, and should never attempt to write about because well, it’s Vegas.